How it Came to Pass....

It began with the forging of a great sewing needle.....

In all seriousness...I have been a huge LOTR fan since I started high-school and I was introduced to the books.

In Highschool I actually had the idea of doing custom commssions (all Lord of the rings). Below you will find photos I made of a booklet/catalog for people to order from. (The booklet was a project for computer class while learning Publisher.)

As you can see I blew it a little out of proportion with a (#) page booklet. (I got such a high grade they took me out of the calculations for the grading curve.)

After re-discovering my high-school project while moving my bookcase one day I decided I really might be able to do this as a career. Most of the commissions I have made are based in anime (which I also love). I do however hope to create more deserve cosplay spanning through comics, anime, cartoons, movies, and even TV shows.   
 I hope you enjoy!


2018 by Catherine Jagos aka. Chibi Bubbles


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