2018 by Catherine Jagos aka. Chibi Bubbles


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Sewing Cafe

Panda Kigurumi

Classic Lolita

Fem! Trickster! John! Dress

Orihime- Maid

Bunny Kigurumi

Ponyo & Sosuke

Suprise Cat Jacket with Tail

Whale Slippers

Hinata- Naruto Shippuden

Lopmon "Bunny" Version

Anime Character PJs (6 sets-various)

Homestuck-Aranea Serket
Dress Only-Check out the horns in the Prop Cave


Mugen-Samuri Champloo

Outfit only- Check out his Sword in the Prop Cave

Orihime - Bleach - Casual

Sasuke- Naruto (Black Outfit)

Outfit Only-Check out his Wind Shuriken in the Prop Cave

DBZ- Bulma

Bunny Suit Haruhi


Outfit Only- Check out her Staff in the Prop Cave

Athena Cykes

Sailor Jupiter Bunny Suit

Sharrkan Ball & Chain

Princess Kenny- South Park

LOL- Annie

Mordercai Hoody

Yeul- Final Fantasy XIII-2

Holo- for Baby Pancakes

Check out her article on this outfit and AX - Here!

Panda (Polar Bear Cafe) Bag/Purse

Tira- Soul Caliber IV

Yami Marik

Yukio & Rin

Eclipse Virgo

Erza Scarlet- Tube Top

Hatsune Miku


Urahara- Bleach

Spike- Cowboy Bebop

Jotoro Kujo- Jacket & Hat



Redglare- Homestuck

Kirito- SAO Coat

Tetra- Legend of Zelda

Outfit only- Check out the Dagger in the Prop Cave


Gold Rodgers Hat

Juvia Lockster-Fairy Tale

Jupiter School Uniform

Musubi- Sekirei

Blake- RWBY (Clients Design)


This is page is to showcase all my sewing projects and commissions

(Some jewelry and props included). 


My name is Catherine.

I have been sewing for a little over 15 years (taught by my mother at a young age). Although I am learning something new every project I work hard to make sure you are getting a great product that you can wear and enjoy time and time again.


Quality of the garments and attention to detail is very important to me so you can rest assured that your project/garment is going to look fantastic!

If you are interested read "How to request a quote" and we can get started!‚Äč

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Completed Hat